LMD18200 Breadboard Adapter Board

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I designed this board out of necessity. I needed a decent H-bridge to test my new servo motor controller design without having to commit the entire design to PCB before I could test it.

The adapter board uses a single LMD18200 which is a very capable H-Bridge driver. The LMD18200 can handle continuous loads of up to 3 amps (with adequate heat sinking; which can be attached easily without over hanging the breadboard!) and voltages up to 55V. It provides 3 input lines (PWM, Direction, Brake) and 2 return signals (Current Sense and Thermal Overload) for all your micro controller needs. It has a separate power rail to provide the LMD18200 with the greater than 12V it needs to turn on it’s FET’s.

All in all I think it’s a pretty handy little board for any sort of load switching type operation (lighting, motors, whatever) from a breadboard.

Source Files: Available at https://github.com/alangarf/lmd18200_breakout